Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day FOURTEEN of ban and Thanksgiving

I am writting a SPECIAL Blawg for all of YOU to night. I knowyou WANT to here about my Thanksgiving and it was joyus. Alan and I made diner at OUR house, just like LAST year and we cooked a fine meal. My sister was in attendence as was Alan's sister -- she is my sister IN law, you know -- which is a silly saying because she does NOT work in law.

She brought desert, a pumpkins pie and some other mess, niether very good. I told Her that she SHOULD improve her kitchen skills if she plans on finding a man.

US attorney's need to improve OUR skills too because aba journal says that Indians named Ankita Mullick are taking OUR jobs. I think aba journal Blawg might be confused because it also says Firms have too many associate's with too little work to do.

So I do NOT think Firms are hiring Indians to just sit around and play Solitary all day. I know that I ALWAYS have work to do, and when I drafted a Memoranum of Understadings my Manageing partner says I draft it well.

I do not think Indian courts can have JURISDICTION over any situs in the U.S. anyways, because it is NOT federal land, but a SOVERIGN.

I need to finish cleaning our kitchen now which looks like a tornado swept through it. But if you get your Boyfreind or Husband to help with cleaning, it CAN go faster. When we share responsabilities, Alan and I are at our BEST.

I am THANKFULL for Alan, for ALL my subscribors and also for my job NOT giong to Indians this thanksgiving.


  1. Well, Miss Ellen, I am thankful you had such a good holiday! I am even more thankful that you have returned to set your realm in order. "Anonymous" gets so petulant when you are away. Late this afternoon, he was actually beside himself (or perhaps just has a twin, or the dysentery).

    Your point about the jurisdiction of the Indian courts is well taken. I would think that at Thanksgiving time, with the peace of the holiday upon us, we should be able to sit down with the Indians as brothers and sisters and work this all out over dinner.

  2. B-O-R-I-N-G. Bring back the REAL Ellen! Enough with McLeod.

  3. I am pretty sure the Ellen that is running this BLAWG actually IS the "REAL Ellen." If the site were set up by a "fake Ellen," wouldn't the "REAL Ellen" follow the link from the ABA site and find out about the BLAWG, and confront the posing imposter-poster positing posts in her name? This seems to me to be a foregone conclusion, belying your accusation that the Ellen here is not real. I think you are just jealous.