Monday, December 29, 2008

Seasons Greatings

I am liveblawgging from a Kinkos off the interstate right now. We are ONLY down from the mountains for a short bit, so I will not blawg much. Do NOT worry I am still with the living.

Alan suprised me by taking us to a cabin in the mountains for the holiddays. It is NICE to get a way form it all. The firm and the blawgging was getting to me.

We had family up for Christmas day. My Sister, Alan's Sister, and also some friends and their kids. It was a FULL HOUSE.

Alan made his special egg nogg, one spiked and one for the NON drinkers. I do not DRINK often, but for holidays we make acceptions.

NOW we are spending the New Years alone. We do not have a tree, but we have missletoe and a fireplace. It is ROMANTIC. I reccommend a cabin retreat if you have not done it before.

We are looking for champaign for the Midnight ball drop and I must go now. Happy holiday's!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blawgging is HARD

I do not know IF I can continue to Blawg. Its more difficult then non-Blawggers realize, I think.

Its one thing to FILE deposition after deposition, being bossed a round by a Manageing partner all day and then go home. Its another thing to manage a profesional Blawg on TOP of it all.

Some lawyer named Larry runs in a point less marithon and aba journal blawgs on him, but they ban ME. How is THIS legal news, Martha. If that IS your real name.

And now Martha also is blawgging that SOME bosses are trying to STOP Blawggers from blawgging, even on personal time! But the law IS NOT clear says Helen Tuttle of Drinker, Biddle & Reath. Say that Four times fast! Never haerd of it.

But even though aba journal did NOT put MY blawg in their list of "best blawgs" I will try to win the "Lawyer and Commenter of the YEAR" at abovethelaw.

Now I will put my feet UP and finish my Murlot.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dirty Jokes in 9th Circut

So a Governor can not find a WOMAN to be a judge, but THIS nut is hearing Cases.

"Already under fire for his involvement in a personal web page containing sexually explicit material that formerly was available to those who knew how to search for it on the Internet, the chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is now facing renewed criticism over the off-color jokes he regularly e-mailed for years from his personal computer, at home, prior to the uproar over the web page. The Easy Rider Gag List circulated by Judge Alex Kozinski until approximately early June contained some jokes that "used language that defies quotation in a general circulation newspaper," according to the Los Angeles Times. The examples include jokes that jokes that focused both on ethnicity and, apparently, sexual behavior. Kozinski tells the Times, through his lawyer, that he stopped circulating them six months ago."

Some partners in MY Firm send these jokes to my box. I just press DELEATE. Maybe this judge needs a lesson in OUT LOOK.

The 9th Circut seems like a GOOD place to work, there is not much work aparentely. This includes California and Hawaii so the weather is good also.

I visted Fresno years ago. No beaches, just dry and dusty. This is NOT a good place to live.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No WOMAN on NY Court

I since some SEXIST comments from the Governor and AG in the NYC.

Aba journal is Blawgging this: Of the seven judges on a New York chief judge short list passed to the governor by the State Commission on Judicial Nomination, not one is a woman. And that has Gov. David A. Paterson and Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo a little peeved. "All we’re saying is it seems highly unusual that in a class of seven individuals considered to be capable of supervising the Court of Appeals, that not one of them would be a woman—not one," Paterson is quoted as saying. "I think it’s very unfortunate."

What does THAT mean? Are WE so different then a MAN lawyer that will judge differently on the SAME cases?

Maybe they just are up set that they won't have a WOMAN to stare at all day. Its not like those robes are revealing any how.

Also, aba journal is blawgging sexist comments: "One potential loophole is that the commission is required by law not only to give the governor names, but file a report that evaluates judicial temperament."

Does THIS mean that aba journal thinks WE WOMEN are too tempermental to make the CUT?

I know many MOODY male judges and attornies, so someone needs to RETHINK that blawg.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day FIFTEEN of ban and Top 100 BLAWGGERS

My Blawg did not get recognised by aba journal today. But I am NOT taking it personnally.

That blawgger "Molly" blawgged this: "This year, blogs that aren’t updated at least weekly—no matter how interesting—often didn’t make the grade."

Well I up date MY Blawg almost EVERY DAY.

I saw WHY my Blawg did not make the CUT. "Molly" blawgged this: "We also gave props to bloggers who made the most of audio and video (in our new podcast category) or social networking applications."

I think SHE wants to see MY picture and here MY voice. This is a law Blawg, not a pick up joint.

Alan takes care of me and I do NOT spread my face around the block like the Tramps on Abovethelaw.

Here are the blawgs, but I have NOT heard of most of them: