Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ABA Top Blawggers Winners

I have NEVER heard of Edward A. Adams, but aparently he is Director of elections at abajournal.

They just announced the "winners" for the Top 100 Blawgs, and it looks like a RACKET.

MR. Edward A. Adams "instituted a series of checks behind the scenes to make sure only legitimate votes were counted." The NEW totals only have "only votes that were legit."

I guess votes for MY blawgging we NOT "legit."

Here's he's explaination: "You’ll just have to take it on faith that we're capable of determining what a legit vote looks like, and what a bogus one looks like."

Well he also says abajournal disqualifed some votes from over seas computers. So any of my International readers just DO NOT count. This might be Viewpoint discrimination or Nationality discrimination, but I do NOT know.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I wanted you to know that as the Ball dropped last night, Alan gave me a necklace. It was a Saphire necklace, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

We made Resolutions that we WILL keep. We plan to not let work rule OUR lifes, and I know that I will NOT let my manageing partner boss me around. Also I will get my hair done more frequently.

Alan and I wish all our Friends a Happy New Years!