Monday, December 1, 2008

Day FIFTEEN of ban and Top 100 BLAWGGERS

My Blawg did not get recognised by aba journal today. But I am NOT taking it personnally.

That blawgger "Molly" blawgged this: "This year, blogs that aren’t updated at least weekly—no matter how interesting—often didn’t make the grade."

Well I up date MY Blawg almost EVERY DAY.

I saw WHY my Blawg did not make the CUT. "Molly" blawgged this: "We also gave props to bloggers who made the most of audio and video (in our new podcast category) or social networking applications."

I think SHE wants to see MY picture and here MY voice. This is a law Blawg, not a pick up joint.

Alan takes care of me and I do NOT spread my face around the block like the Tramps on Abovethelaw.

Here are the blawgs, but I have NOT heard of most of them:


  1. I went through the list very carefully today, on the chance that I might see this blawg mentioned among the 50 new ones, and might be able to "vote" for it. I think maybe it did not get in because it is only a few weeks old, and because some of the posters on this site are accusing you of being an imposter, and not the "REAL Ellen." I find that sort of unwarranted and baseless attack most contemptible, and I hope the people that have cost you a "top 100" recognition by it are happy with their miserable selves.

  2. Deyseeme T. RollinDecember 2, 2008 at 6:26 AM

    There is no real Ellen, there is no fake Ellen. We are all Ellen.

  3. I stepped in some Ellen today in my backyard. I hate when that happens. Damn dog!

    And McLeod is a huge suck up - getting his nose so far up Ellen's ass they are breathing the same air.

  4. Is it just possible that this blog did not rate because the writer is only semi-literate?

  5. This Anonymous/B. McLeod banter is getting out of hand, and it's making me think that they may share a common author--a McAnon, if you will.

    This leads me to a disturbing thought--it is possible that there are only two people commenting on this blawg: Ellen/B/Anon, and me.

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  7. Ellen, did you know you can ban anonymous posters? You should do so.


  8. Then no one would post other than McLeod, who is the same as the fake Ellen and who is the same as Molly McGuire, the one who works for the aba who banned the REAL ellen.

    The reason this mcleod is such a suck-up is because he is the FAKE ellen. Get it? How else would he know that there are different anonymouses.

    Enough already McLead. Let the REAL ellen back on to the website so we don't have to read YOUR tripe!

  9. If Anonymous could read, tripe would probably be the most appropriate, since he is apparently accustomed to passing that same.

    Again, even a cursory fact check would reveal that Molly McGuire works in the coal industry, and not for the ABA.

  10. Bring on the REAL Ellen! Enough with the McLeod Quackery!

  11. I agree with Rachel, who posted at 10:03 yesterday. Ellen should ban the "Anonymous" posting. That would get rid of the one idiotic poster in particular who just keeps retreading the baseless and boring "fake Ellen" accusations. Also, it would move this BLAWG up into the ranks of the blawgs that ban people, showing that Ellen has powers akin to Taxprof's and Molly's.

  12. Quiet down, you quack. This is NOT the real Ellen on this site. It is McLeod, who is the same as MOLLY MCDONOUGH, who has banned Ellen from the main site.

    Do we really want to read McLeod all day, commenting on his fake ELLEN postings?

    Get with it. No one else thinks this is the REAL Ellen. We KNOW the difference.

  13. Hmm. Evidently, "Anonymous" is not having any fun (aw, shucks). Doesn't like the posts here (tsk, tsk). Doesn't even think Ellen is real (yawn).

    So, why does he keep coming to this site, reading all the posts and regaling us with his redundant, whiny complaints and idiotic theories (YAWN)?

    Must be a pointy-haired partner in a large firm (Fuh... Fuh... Fuh). I say "to Heller with Anonymous." Let him hie himself hence from this heath, nor any further bane us wi' his boorish, benighted banter.