Friday, November 21, 2008

"Skaddan" Propoganda

NO other Blawg is reporting the TRUTH right now. About attornies loosing their jobs. I want to spread THE news, so please let people know the truth. I wrote this on OTHER Blawgs also.

I did SOME research an this is propoganda. If it WERE true, this would be a BREECH of contract and actionable in the District court that is the situs of the firm. The firms would be GUILTY of UNJUST ENRICHMENT which would be MILLIONS of dollars that they would have to pay the attornys which would put them OUT of business, so this is unlikely.

My manageing partner also explained once that WHO EVER is spreading these lies could be guilty of FALSE PRETENCES.

Plus I do NOT think any one would call a law firm "Skaddan" so it is probably falsified.


  1. Weren't the Skaddans the villains in Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal? Fair enough, though, since I work for the firm of Snuffle & Uppogus.

  2. This whole site is phony. This is NOT Ellen. Don't bother with it.

  3. ELLEN!!! I love you, you are my hero. You made sure that the booooring ABA weekly updates were always worth reading. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dayseeme, I think those were "Skeksees" not "Skaddens." I believe "Skaddens" is a term connoting a whole lot of something (e.g., there are Skaddens of SOC8s that wish they had never heard of Heller).

    I think Ellen may need to refine her legal analysis on this one a little, but that is just boring McLeod's opinion.

  5. I just found out you were banned today and I am really sad. Your comments made my day.