Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peeps Contest LOSS

I did NOT win but will try AGAIN next year. The "winner" had pink peeps with BREASTS if you did not notice. And I am NOT sure what the yellow MAN PEEP is holding between his legs, but it looks like he is THOUROHLY enjoying the marshmellow "peeps." This is more proof that this is a man's world.


Here is MY original writting:

I want to thank FIRST my boyfreind ALAN for the photography work. He is a GENIOUS! This was truly a joint effort. I also want to thank the WOMEN at abajournal for trying to break the "GRASS Ceiling." I thank YOU all -- even Molly McDoughnut. I continue to write on MY blawg about man-dominated firms and the links we must go. My manageing partner does not understand and said I should be FORTUNATE that our firm's not passing out pink slips. I asked why they are not called BLUE slips but he just rolled his eyes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ABA Peep Contest

Alan and me have been working on a PROJECT for abajournal. And they posted it today! It is on the abajournal Easter Peep contest.

It is here: http://www.abajournal.com/gallery/single/peeps/164

Here is the PICTURE on the abajournal contest. I also explained this "GRASS Ceiling" on the abajornal site.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More man's names firms

My BOYFIREND and me are working on a PROJECT. I have NOT had time to blawg lately.

I have also noticed MORE firms going down with mans' names. Clearly theres a pattern here:

Paul Hastings, Reed Smith, Allen Matkins, Wolf Block, Edward Angell & Palmer Dodge, Clifford Chance, TroutMAN Sanders, and Weil Gotshal. I think Weil is 'Wes' in yiddish.

And the there is Manatt... Never heard of a Womanatt. Maybe that's because it is NOT firing.

Other blawggers will probably steal my original writing. As far as I can tell I am the ONLY Blawgger reportng this right now.