Monday, March 9, 2009

Mans Names Firms

I am not the ONLY one who sees that law firms partners are "mainly dudes." Abovethelaw is now saying this:

It also says the top women-freindly firms are Dickson Shapiro, Wiley Rain, Andrews Kurth, and Bryan Cave. Maybe you did NOT notice but they all have MENS NAMES! Even when we when we lose.

My manageing partner said all these are firing BIG time and its good we are NOT there: Morgan Lewis, Mayer Brown, Simpson Thatcher, Akin Gump, and the supposed Fried Franks. These all sound like a man's name also. And then there's Orrick, but I thought that was a vacuum company.

I told Alan maybe they need to start naming Firms with woman's names like Lisa Gump or Fran Franks. Alan said they did this for Sallie Mae, but that's not a firm.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back from BAN #2

I am NOT deseased or on vacation. I was BANNED by Blogger a google subsidary. It is TRUE and I may have a First Amendment actionable cause against them! I know my Blawgs are not "main stream" and maybe abajounral was a instrumental player. After intence negotiations they have let me continue Blawgging. I do NOT know why this happened.

My manageing partner says it may have helpwd with my productivity, and I may not have permission to Blawg from my firm any longer. He says its RES JUDICATA but I do not think so. If this site wil let me, I will Blawg at Lunch when the others are downing scotch at the nearby "club." They have no productivity when they roll in around 1:30, so this may be gender discrimination issue also. My manageing partner says I need to show discriminary INTENT.

We alreayd had TEN layoffs and the pinkslips are poping up every where. My work load has INCREASED too even though they've cut back on the free coffee -- talk about slowing productivity.