Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day FOURTEEN of ban and Thanksgiving

I am writting a SPECIAL Blawg for all of YOU to night. I knowyou WANT to here about my Thanksgiving and it was joyus. Alan and I made diner at OUR house, just like LAST year and we cooked a fine meal. My sister was in attendence as was Alan's sister -- she is my sister IN law, you know -- which is a silly saying because she does NOT work in law.

She brought desert, a pumpkins pie and some other mess, niether very good. I told Her that she SHOULD improve her kitchen skills if she plans on finding a man.

US attorney's need to improve OUR skills too because aba journal says that Indians named Ankita Mullick are taking OUR jobs. I think aba journal Blawg might be confused because it also says Firms have too many associate's with too little work to do.

So I do NOT think Firms are hiring Indians to just sit around and play Solitary all day. I know that I ALWAYS have work to do, and when I drafted a Memoranum of Understadings my Manageing partner says I draft it well.

I do not think Indian courts can have JURISDICTION over any situs in the U.S. anyways, because it is NOT federal land, but a SOVERIGN.

I need to finish cleaning our kitchen now which looks like a tornado swept through it. But if you get your Boyfreind or Husband to help with cleaning, it CAN go faster. When we share responsabilities, Alan and I are at our BEST.

I am THANKFULL for Alan, for ALL my subscribors and also for my job NOT giong to Indians this thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day NINE of ban

I was SICK yesterday and did NOT write on my Blawg. I do NOT think it was the Applebutter, but Alan said it might be. I did not go to my Firm or today either and did NOT read any Blawgs. Probably some subscribors were upset, but I can not be your only source of Law news.

An NO, Mr. MCLEOD my manageing Partner did not "send me packing."

I saw a Blawg and a young TART named Jessica Cutler. The MEN who Blawg at Abovethelaw Blawg ALWAYS objetify women on all their Blawgs. And Ms. Cutler thinks she needs to reveal Her self to sell books.

SUPPOSEDLY, Ms. Cutler was given $300,000 to put her breasts on a book which does NOT seem likely when many other Tarts are giving it away for free on other internet websites. I do not think any MAN wants to here what this tramp has to say.

There is ALSO a picture of her Boyrfiend, who may be her Husband, and he looks NORMAL, but a little stiff. Lawyer's make strange bedfelows.

Now I am giong to take a bath. Alan bought me NEW soap and it is Pink.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day SEVEN of ban

Today Alan and my Sister and me made Applebutter.

This is NOT the first time I made Applebutter, but it IS the first time with This receipe. I DO NOT have a "chinois sieve" which sounds FOREIN and I like to keep my Applebutter traditional.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day SIX of ban

Some Blawgger's are blawgging about which school is BEST in the WORLD, which is not possible to measure. I responded to Mr.PAUL L. CARON, but he did NOT let me Blawg on his Blawg so I think "Molly" told him to ban me.

I do NOT believe this "ranking" is acurate but mostly a plan by Professors in THESE schools to improve there prestege and paychecks.

Some schools I have NEVER heard about and I plan to ask my Partner on Monday. MAYBE you did not notice, but I did, that #19 and #25 are just the SAME FIVE LETTERS mixed up differently. I think MOST lawyers are smart enought to figure that out.

I did not attend ANY of these schools but am getting more work at my Firm after only three years, so this list does not guarantee sucess.

The Blawg is here:

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Fried Frank" Propoganda

I have not been to ALL firms BUT I know that this propoganda is TRUE. NO serious firm is called "Fried Frank" lets be SERIOUS. Anything fried is usually bad and would not attrack high-dollar clients. I do not consider myself a HEALTH NUT but I DO look presentable. The false story is here:

I know that DEPRESSION is a BIG problem for these people working in legal Blawgs. Still they should NOT make false representations which could be LIBELLOUS and actionable when published which only needs to be to ONE person.

My manageing partner says I do NOT have to be worried about loosing my job which would be bad right before the Holiday's. So I doubt ANYONE who is in GOOD STANDING with their bar like me will loose their job.

I try and stay happy no matter if we have problems at home or work.

"Skaddan" Propoganda

NO other Blawg is reporting the TRUTH right now. About attornies loosing their jobs. I want to spread THE news, so please let people know the truth. I wrote this on OTHER Blawgs also.

I did SOME research an this is propoganda. If it WERE true, this would be a BREECH of contract and actionable in the District court that is the situs of the firm. The firms would be GUILTY of UNJUST ENRICHMENT which would be MILLIONS of dollars that they would have to pay the attornys which would put them OUT of business, so this is unlikely.

My manageing partner also explained once that WHO EVER is spreading these lies could be guilty of FALSE PRETENCES.

Plus I do NOT think any one would call a law firm "Skaddan" so it is probably falsified.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day FOUR of ban

MOSTLY it is the rude comments on OTHER Blawgs that I want to talk about, because the comments from MY supporters are mostly friendly. But on aba journal there were RUDE comments that I did not respond to because "Molly" stopped me.

Some men called me a "troll" even thow they NEVER saw what I look like. This is RUDE on a profesional legal website to call women these names and I assure you I AM attractive. I just do not need to dress provokatively like SOME Blawggers. And another Blawgger called me a "pony" which is RUDE and FALSE. And even if I WAS, I do NOT like carrots so it would not make sence. Alan does like them but only in a stew which I ONLY make during the winter.

I am ALSO bothered by the insenuation that WOMEN are not hard workers because ONE woman looses ONE tool belt while repiaring a SATELIGHT of all things. She DID make it into space after all. I do not know how a person acheives this but the test MUST be a least as hard as the lsat, and probabley harder.

If SHE starts a blawg I will let YOU know.

Also, please be AWARE that there is propoganda being REPEATED on the internet Blawgs about firms FIRING attornies but I do NOT think it is true because the names of these "firms" are not real. NO ONE has answered my question if "Squire Sandars" is ACTUALY real because it sounds like a fake name. This MIGHT have something to do with Indians taking over firm jobs, but that might be propoganda also.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day THREE of ban

If you did not notice, my blawg is getting FAMOUS. I thank all of YOU for supporting me. I do NOT even know how many comments I have received and I thank ALL of you for supporting this. I will NOT lie, this has been difficult. But your comments keep me insured that I AM doing the right thing by starting my OWN blawg and compeeting with aba journal.

I also take back ALL my comments I made about "Molly" because I think SHE is a WOMAN working in a industry where MEN make rude comments all the time. You should read the rude comments from the men at Abovethelaw, another blawg like mine. It gets many comments to also. They all made RUDE comments at this website:

But there is NO question that the little TART in the photo, who CLAIMS to be a lawyer, needs to put some clothes on. I am getting FAMOUS with OUT looking like a prostitute.

Also, Abovethelaw metioned THIS blawg today and how I was BANNED by aba journal. BUT they put ANOTHER picture of a almost naked GIRL next to the story. I want YOU to know that is NOT me. I would NEVER show my self like that even though my boyfriend, Alan, says I am good looking enough to be on the websites.

The story about ME, but not the picutre of me, it is at this website:

I will post more TOMOROW when I research how to improve my expertice in blawgging. Now, I will make sure that the comments on that blawg are NOT rude about me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day TWO of ban

I am going to make a NEW blawg now. I hope that "Molly" doesn't try to stop me AGAIN. I did my research, and aba journal does NOT have jurisdiction over this website, so HOPEFULLY I will NOT be banned. I am not experticed in First Amendment law though. Or United Nations law for that matter.

MOSTLY it was just infuriating that a WOMAN with my background can not speak HER mind without being ridiculled or treated different for the way we look or dress or blawg then MEN who wear the SAME suit and TIE even in Court. The other blawggers, mostly MEN, didn't have anything interesting to say.

However, I must say that I APPRECIATE the fact that "Molly" has put this Blawg on the aba website, as you MIGHT have noticed. I am already getting subscribors but I do NOT want MY blawg to be as big as huffington's post or Anne Colter, both WOMEN I might add. But these WOMEN are showing too much cleavage and do not think they can get a head without letting MEN stare at them. And "Molly" is probably the same but she MIGHT be a nice young girl. I found a picture of her and I will post it when I find out how.

I will type more later, right now I am making raviolli for Alan for dinner. And then I am revising more of my motion in limene.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was BANNED today

I was banned to TODAY by the aba journal. They DO NOT like my blawgs and they know I am NOT a First Amendment lawyer so they think they can silence my writing. But my BOYFRIEND, and yes he is my boyfriend, says that I should do MORE blawgs on my own, so that is exactly what I am doing here.

Here is the EXPLAINATION from the aba journal which makes no sence at all:

No MORE ‘Ellen Barshevsky’ and OTHER Comment Policy Notes

By Molly McDonough

Dear Readers,

After reviewing our last week of comments, we have decided to become more assertive with our comment moderating.

We will more readily exercise our authority to remove inappropriate comments, those that are particularly off-topic and those that generally flout the rules of civil discourse and persistently disrupt the comment stream.

Specifically, we have tolerated for some time, often to the delight, but increasingly more often to the dismay of our regular readers, what we can only assume is the fictional “Ellen Barshevsky” and her various personas.

As of this morning, “Ellen” has formally been banned from commenting on the site. As is our practice, we generally attempt to warn commenters if they are crossing a line or abusing comments before we institute a ban. But because “Ellen” doesn’t attach a real e-mail address to “her” comments, this has been impossible.

Our comments and traffic to continue to increase. We get thousands of comments per month, and welcome robust discussion.

As a reminder, here is our comment policy. It remains fairly open, but has boundaries. We expect there to be debate and disagreement, but without personal attacks and name-calling.

ABA Journal Comment Policy:

Comments are a place for our readers to debate—sometimes quite vigorously—the issues we cover. Please respect our readers’ diversity of opinion and look for ways to further the discussion.

But there are also limits to that debate. Don’t use profanity or resort to name-calling, threats or personal attacks. Don’t spam the site with advertising. And don’t masquerade as someone you’re not. We reserve the right to delete comments that are inappropriate and block users who consistently violate our policies.

By posting a comment on this site, you are agreeing to allow the ABA Journal to reprint your comment in all forms of media at any time.

If you believe a commenter has violated our rules or if you spot an error in a post, please let us know.

Also, because of the increase in comments, we are especially appreciative of those who spot abuses before we do. Please don’t hesitate to report abuses using this form.

Happy reading,

Molly McDonough

Assistant Managing Editor/Online

ABA Journal

I want to know WHO this "Molly" thinks she is and how SHE weilds so much power. I don't think Molly is a real name, I don't know anyone who names their child Molly these days.