Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day THREE of ban

If you did not notice, my blawg is getting FAMOUS. I thank all of YOU for supporting me. I do NOT even know how many comments I have received and I thank ALL of you for supporting this. I will NOT lie, this has been difficult. But your comments keep me insured that I AM doing the right thing by starting my OWN blawg and compeeting with aba journal.

I also take back ALL my comments I made about "Molly" because I think SHE is a WOMAN working in a industry where MEN make rude comments all the time. You should read the rude comments from the men at Abovethelaw, another blawg like mine. It gets many comments to also. They all made RUDE comments at this website:

But there is NO question that the little TART in the photo, who CLAIMS to be a lawyer, needs to put some clothes on. I am getting FAMOUS with OUT looking like a prostitute.

Also, Abovethelaw metioned THIS blawg today and how I was BANNED by aba journal. BUT they put ANOTHER picture of a almost naked GIRL next to the story. I want YOU to know that is NOT me. I would NEVER show my self like that even though my boyfriend, Alan, says I am good looking enough to be on the websites.

The story about ME, but not the picutre of me, it is at this website:

I will post more TOMOROW when I research how to improve my expertice in blawgging. Now, I will make sure that the comments on that blawg are NOT rude about me.


  1. Actually, Molly was considering helping you set up a blawg off of the main ABA site, but she did not have a good E-mail for you, and so could not write you to discuss it.

    True story. However, I see you managed on your own!

  2. Ellen, your html skillz are as great as your CAPS LOCK SKILLZ!

    Keep on blawgging!

    And I would never think you were that tramp in the ATL pic. YOu're probably hotter and CLASSIER!2glossy3

  3. I don't know if you're aware of this, but endlessly repeating:

    "my boyfriend, which I totally have and who isn't made up, says..."
    "Women this, discrimination that, tears the other..."
    "I'm a lawyer, but I don't know anything about areas of law A, B, C, [continue to fade]..."

    and using RIDICULOUS random CAPS-lock like AN illiterate SUB-normal FIVE YEAR old; just makes you sound like an imbecile and is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Or perhaps you already knew that, but were just to up your own ass to care?

    Either way, just shut up already. People need your opinion about as much as they needs a second asshole.

  4. Dear Ellen, we hate the worthless ABA too!

    -- Maximus

  5. You are very evidently out of your mind and incompetent as an attorney. The desperate validation you seek from your boyfriend is pathetic and leads me to believe that your life will end in a murder-suicide.

  6. Also, on the ABA site, I suspect Molly used to block cowardly, anonymous posts such as that last little, rancid gobbet of mean-spirited, fecal discharge.

  7. So a little birdie told me that you have started your own blawg...Great...

    Apparently, you want your readers to enjoy it as much as, and I quote "enjoy it as MUCH as my BOYFRIEND"

    Can I please have your boyfriends contact information? I'd like to enjoy him as much as your blawg.

  8. "Ellen" (if that is your real name, which I doubt), you are a horrible writer and that fact that you have a forum is simply the truth of the First Amendment - any idiot has the protected right to speak like an idiot, and you are certainly an idiot.

    I am certain you did not go to law school, do not have a boyfriend (well, you may, but you are a boy too I bet) and you do not work in the legal industry. I bet you were rejected by a lower fourth-tier school and have decided to wreak you stupidity upon the rest of use who went to law school and are actually working in the field. Please, take down your "blawg," turn off your caps lock, go find a job, and disappear. Your 15 minutes of fame are over.

  9. As of the time of this post, you have 16 comments (17 including this one).

    Hardly a mandate of fantastic support, especially given that a large percentage of them are negative and state that you are a fraud.

    Get over yourself and stop you feeble attempts at writing - or, tell us who you really are ... and when you plan on graduating from high school.

  10. wow, i can't believe this idiots are still getting upset over ellen. these comments make me sick and are yet another reason i hate many fellow lawyers. get outta here.