Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day TWO of ban

I am going to make a NEW blawg now. I hope that "Molly" doesn't try to stop me AGAIN. I did my research, and aba journal does NOT have jurisdiction over this website, so HOPEFULLY I will NOT be banned. I am not experticed in First Amendment law though. Or United Nations law for that matter.

MOSTLY it was just infuriating that a WOMAN with my background can not speak HER mind without being ridiculled or treated different for the way we look or dress or blawg then MEN who wear the SAME suit and TIE even in Court. The other blawggers, mostly MEN, didn't have anything interesting to say.

However, I must say that I APPRECIATE the fact that "Molly" has put this Blawg on the aba website, as you MIGHT have noticed. I am already getting subscribors but I do NOT want MY blawg to be as big as huffington's post or Anne Colter, both WOMEN I might add. But these WOMEN are showing too much cleavage and do not think they can get a head without letting MEN stare at them. And "Molly" is probably the same but she MIGHT be a nice young girl. I found a picture of her and I will post it when I find out how.

I will type more later, right now I am making raviolli for Alan for dinner. And then I am revising more of my motion in limene.


  1. Molly was only worried that the traffic from our posts on the ABA site was causing too much burden on the staff (moderators). Nothing against your message. I think she likes you.

    Plenty of people here still name their daughters "Molly."

  2. I wonder what your managing partner thinks of your new venture. Don't blawg during billables!