Friday, November 21, 2008

"Fried Frank" Propoganda

I have not been to ALL firms BUT I know that this propoganda is TRUE. NO serious firm is called "Fried Frank" lets be SERIOUS. Anything fried is usually bad and would not attrack high-dollar clients. I do not consider myself a HEALTH NUT but I DO look presentable. The false story is here:

I know that DEPRESSION is a BIG problem for these people working in legal Blawgs. Still they should NOT make false representations which could be LIBELLOUS and actionable when published which only needs to be to ONE person.

My manageing partner says I do NOT have to be worried about loosing my job which would be bad right before the Holiday's. So I doubt ANYONE who is in GOOD STANDING with their bar like me will loose their job.

I try and stay happy no matter if we have problems at home or work.


  1. You could be right about this one. I have not heard of it either. Maybe they have a booth on the fairgrounds, by the funnel cake vendor. I can see how you would little relish thoughts of consuming their product, as it would probably be a step down from a corn dog (i.e., no batter, and not even on a stick).

    On the depression, I am sure that will be a problem for us all. We have already had some breadlines here, and the line where people sell their plasma to get money for food and drugs has also been getting longer. People with bells and funny hats have been begging passersby to put money in their buckets.

    So, it may become increasingly difficult to stay happy, but I am glad your Managing Partner has agreed not to let you go right before the Holidays. That would be a real drag, and you might have to sell some plasma for money to buy Alan his present.

  2. You are an ass - your standing with the bar is no indication whether or not you will lose (note the spelling) your job. Get a clue you retarded moron.

  3. By contrast, your standing in a breadline (should it come to that) will likely have significance. Unfortunately, you will not get "cuts" for having worked in a law firm.

  4. McLeod, we don't really expect you to come clean, but you are really the same as Molly McButter, who is now doing this cheap ELLEN imitation. This is crystal clear to any true ELLEN fan. You suddenly appear, then are all over like Horse Poop at a stable, and never get censored by Molly.

    Also, you're no more Irish than a kettle of stale lentils.

  5. "Anonymous" (if that is even his/her real name), probably believes in "black helicopters" too, and is obviously ignorant, fundamentally, of history, geography and all things Celtic.

    Clan MacLeod, as most of the World well knows, is Scottish, with the modern branches being the MacLeods of Harris and Skye, the MacLeods of Lewes and the MacLeods of Raasay. Earliest possessions recognized by the Scottish Crown were likely on Glenelg, and the genetic roots of the clan are most probably Norse and Manx. McDonough (though a respectable name) is not even a MacLeod sept. Further detail and displays of the crest badges and curent main tartan patterns can be found at

  6. Yes,McLeod/MacLeod, but you have now misspelled your own fake name. Which is it, Molly, the so called Irish McLeod or the so called Scottish MacLeod? You can't go back and forth, because your real name isn't either, is it Ms. Molly McDonough (a pasty-faced Irish washerwoman no doubt). And remember, you are no more Scottish than a bale of musty yarn.

  7. Perhaps "Anonymous" (if that is even his/her real name) could do some reading and check a few facts (which might help alleviate his/her complaints of boredom).

    There are many alternative spellings of "MacLeod," which include "McLeod," "M'Leod," and others. There are also numerous competing pronunciations, in part resulting from differences in opinion as to whether the "leod" is derived from a Gaelic word or a Norse word (Again, check the clan website).

    My name has been consistently spelled "McLeod," because that is the spelling I use, and the spelling my father and grandfather used. Clan MacLeod USA, however, uses the "MacLeod" spelling, as does Chief Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod, and when referring to either of them, I use the spelling they use, because that is their name.

    I would point out that Molly has never said she is Irish, and "Molly" is in fact a common name throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, as well as in Ireland. Also, as a professional editor of a magazine with a good circulation, it is doubtful she would need to supplement her income as a laundress.

    Finally, Scotland is well known for production and export of wool and woolen goods. It follows that a bale of musty yarn might well be Scottish, and so your attempt at clever analogy is somewhat idiotic.

  8. Cut the blarney, Mac/Mc/MacButter, ME THINKS THOU PROTEST TOO MUCH. We want to hear from Ellen, not drunken some Irish/Scotch/Man who's had more than his/her share of Pinch whiskey on a Sunday. Bring on Ellen Barshevsky, not you!

  9. "Blarney" would be an Irish concept, but it would probably not be useful for me to explain/distinguih for poor "Anonymous." It would just be Greek to him/her.

    Initially, I found the comments in this last post somewhat stereotypical and offensive, but later (while squatting by the corn crib, actually), I managed to quite put them behind me.

    In point of fact, we can see it is "Anonymous" that cannot quite seem to get his/her words in a sensible order, so if there is liquor involved, it is probably copious quantities of Uzo consumed by "Anonymous."

    I supposed if Ellen desires to address a comment to the inebriated frat tosher, she will do so. I leave that to her.

  10. Whoa, I was just going to jump on here and tell McLeod that the bowling alley in my old college town used to deepfry their franks and then toast their hotdog buns on a giant griddle. It was awesome.

    Frying your franks may not be the best method of preparation (see: Grilling), but a fried frank definitely beats a dry one that has been cooked on a hotdog roller all day or a tasteless one that has been *shudder* boiled.

  11. You all know nothing of clans.

    Ellen Barshevksy does.

    Ellen was born in the year 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. In 1536, her clan was in conflict with the Clan Fraser, and Ellen rode along into her first battle. This battle would later serve as the molding force for her entry into the practice of law, where she would continue to fight and champion the causes of the downtrodden and average associate.

    The Frasers at that time were working with a towering monster of a man known as the Kurgan. The Kurgan, in present day, would be akin to the ABA. The Kurgan recognized that Ellen was an Immortal, and hoped to use the battle to kill Ellen before she became aware of his abilities. Little did the Kurgan know at that time, but Ellen would not only survive and hone her abilities, but she would embark upon a path of dating (which will lead to engagement) and the practice of law (which will lead to her becoming a partner one day).

    Anyway, on the battlefield, Ellen wondered why none of the Fraser's forces will attack her, until she came across the Kurgan and was struck by an odd pain (from sensing the proximity of another immortal). This left her open to attack.

    The Kurgan mortally wounded Ellen and was preparing to decapitate her, but the MacLeod's kinsmen intervened just before this occured, with the Kurgan vowing to return. The clan mourned Ellen, but she miraculously revives shortly after her “death.”

    Accusing her of witchcraft, Ellen's clansmen beat her and prepared to burn her, but her cousin Molly persuaded them to exile Ellen instead. She escaped with her life, but was banished forever from her clan and birthplace. Thankfully, Ellen has found happiness in her new home in the U.S.

    Ellen eventually becomes a blacksmith in Glencoe. In 1541, she was located by a much older Immortal, who introduced himself as Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez. Senor Ramirez developed quite a fondness for Ellen. He has tutored her in the art of swordsmanship, lovemaking, and the practice of law. Senor Ramirez continues to mentor Ellen, along with her managing partner and her boyfriend, in all areas of life, especially how to make her billable hour requirements.

    Ellen is constantly reminded that “There can be only one!”

  12. I think I saw this movie.

    Really, there is not much point trying to explain anything to someone who probably thinks the Firth of Forth is in "the Borg Collective."

  13. HMMMMmmmm...

    Ellen, have you ever heard of Google? You should do your research before you expose something as false...

    fRieD fRanK et al is as real as it can be...