Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day SIX of ban

Some Blawgger's are blawgging about which school is BEST in the WORLD, which is not possible to measure. I responded to Mr.PAUL L. CARON, but he did NOT let me Blawg on his Blawg so I think "Molly" told him to ban me.

I do NOT believe this "ranking" is acurate but mostly a plan by Professors in THESE schools to improve there prestege and paychecks.

Some schools I have NEVER heard about and I plan to ask my Partner on Monday. MAYBE you did not notice, but I did, that #19 and #25 are just the SAME FIVE LETTERS mixed up differently. I think MOST lawyers are smart enought to figure that out.

I did not attend ANY of these schools but am getting more work at my Firm after only three years, so this list does not guarantee sucess.

The Blawg is here:


  1. Actually (and although I can't really speak for Molly), I doubt Molly is asking other sites to ban you. Tax lawyers though. . . well, need I say more? I do not want to offend my green-shade brethren (or sistern), but when was the last time you saw a tax lawyer at a party?

    Even the ones that are into Bondage just go over to the corner and start shop-talking the latest arbitrage regs. If you aren't talking about that kind of stuff in your posts, they probably don't understand them.

  2. This is phony and BORING. Bring back the REAL Ellen to the ABA website, McLeod.

  3. Who really cares if "Anonymous" (if that is even his/her real name) is bored? Probably one of the whiny "abuse" report filers who got the posts banned in the first place.

    I have heard that Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod, Senior Chief, is a film producer. Maybe he would consider doing a short feature of "Anonymous" and O.J. looking for the "REAL Ellen."

  4. Yes, bring on the REAL Ellen. No McLeod's please!