Monday, December 8, 2008

Dirty Jokes in 9th Circut

So a Governor can not find a WOMAN to be a judge, but THIS nut is hearing Cases.

"Already under fire for his involvement in a personal web page containing sexually explicit material that formerly was available to those who knew how to search for it on the Internet, the chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is now facing renewed criticism over the off-color jokes he regularly e-mailed for years from his personal computer, at home, prior to the uproar over the web page. The Easy Rider Gag List circulated by Judge Alex Kozinski until approximately early June contained some jokes that "used language that defies quotation in a general circulation newspaper," according to the Los Angeles Times. The examples include jokes that jokes that focused both on ethnicity and, apparently, sexual behavior. Kozinski tells the Times, through his lawyer, that he stopped circulating them six months ago."

Some partners in MY Firm send these jokes to my box. I just press DELEATE. Maybe this judge needs a lesson in OUT LOOK.

The 9th Circut seems like a GOOD place to work, there is not much work aparentely. This includes California and Hawaii so the weather is good also.

I visted Fresno years ago. No beaches, just dry and dusty. This is NOT a good place to live.


  1. You should tell your Managing Partner about the partners that are sending those jokes to your box. I'll bet he would probably like to read some of them, especially if they are being sent to all the women in the firm. Some of them may be clicking "copy" or "save as" instead of "delete." You might want to collect some too. A good portfolio of these types of E-mails can be valuable, particularly in lean economic times.

    I think the 9th Circuit judge needs a lesson in LOOK OUT!! Otherwise, he may be assigned to cover hearings in Fesno.

  2. Is this judge related to Ted Kosinski? If so, that might explain some things. Ellen, please look into it and report back.

  3. Let the REAL Ellen back on to the website!!!!! This phony site is pathetic!

  4. It is a fine night here (though I can smell the snow coming), and we have a beautiful, full moon. Also, many noteworthy events have transpired within the week, and it is Thursday, a day on which Ellen often posts. Perhaps she will favor us with a post this night!

  5. Ellen, can you tell me if you would be interested in dating me? I am located in Philadelphia, but do not know where you live. I am 34 years old, a lawyer, graduate of Penn State University cum laude, and am told I am handsome. I don't get to meet smart and outspoken women, and I like your attitude.

  6. This BLAWG bites. Why isn't Ellen responding to us?

  7. I think Ellen is officially dead. For those of you keeping score:

    ABA - 2
    Ellen - 0

  8. Yes, McLeod killed her. He's taken over the ABA website, too. What a dillweed!

  9. Wow. I must be truly omnipotent.

    I think Ellen has just gone on holiday. She is probably riding Calgon up in the mountains, above the tree line.