Thursday, December 4, 2008

No WOMAN on NY Court

I since some SEXIST comments from the Governor and AG in the NYC.

Aba journal is Blawgging this: Of the seven judges on a New York chief judge short list passed to the governor by the State Commission on Judicial Nomination, not one is a woman. And that has Gov. David A. Paterson and Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo a little peeved. "All we’re saying is it seems highly unusual that in a class of seven individuals considered to be capable of supervising the Court of Appeals, that not one of them would be a woman—not one," Paterson is quoted as saying. "I think it’s very unfortunate."

What does THAT mean? Are WE so different then a MAN lawyer that will judge differently on the SAME cases?

Maybe they just are up set that they won't have a WOMAN to stare at all day. Its not like those robes are revealing any how.

Also, aba journal is blawgging sexist comments: "One potential loophole is that the commission is required by law not only to give the governor names, but file a report that evaluates judicial temperament."

Does THIS mean that aba journal thinks WE WOMEN are too tempermental to make the CUT?

I know many MOODY male judges and attornies, so someone needs to RETHINK that blawg.


  1. I saw that blawg too, and immediately thought it was the type where you would have a comment. Especially after the first commenter posted a comment that suggested judges could not have families. I think ABA's "temperament" comment was meant to suggest the Governor might be able to invoke the temperament issue to reject the whole list until some women nominees are included. However, I do not think the Governor will do that.

  2. B-O-R-I-N-G, McLeod/McDonough. The REAL ellen would be a lot more interesting. The lack of comment speaks wonders for the phonyness of this site.

  3. Jesus Christ, how much time do you spend on the internet? What seemed like a joke at first now is resembling schizophrenia? What is wrong with you?

  4. This seems like an odd sort of place to address questions to Jesus Christ. I suppose we can wait to see if he answers (after all, anyone might show up on this site).

    It has been a long time since "comparative religion," but I am going to take a shot guess that if Jesus elects to comment, he will say that since he is the Holy Spirit incarnate, and God is everywhere, it follows that Jesus Christ is always on the Internet. And, I agree.

  5. I think Ellen should be nominated for the open position on the court of appeal. If she's as smart as I think she is, I figure she could be on the court for maybe 35 years, some as Chief Judge.

    Can someone give her name to the Governor?

  6. But the Governor already has a name. Really. Like the pine trees lining the winding road. (I'm not making this up).

  7. Dear Governor Pattison, Please nominate Ellen Barshevsky. She is qualified, outspoken, and (we think) beautiful. The court has long been known for having old foggies working there. If you put Ellen on the court, things will be different. Don't come a knockin' if you see the van rockin'. Thank you. Sincerely, Ellen Fans.