Monday, December 29, 2008

Seasons Greatings

I am liveblawgging from a Kinkos off the interstate right now. We are ONLY down from the mountains for a short bit, so I will not blawg much. Do NOT worry I am still with the living.

Alan suprised me by taking us to a cabin in the mountains for the holiddays. It is NICE to get a way form it all. The firm and the blawgging was getting to me.

We had family up for Christmas day. My Sister, Alan's Sister, and also some friends and their kids. It was a FULL HOUSE.

Alan made his special egg nogg, one spiked and one for the NON drinkers. I do not DRINK often, but for holidays we make acceptions.

NOW we are spending the New Years alone. We do not have a tree, but we have missletoe and a fireplace. It is ROMANTIC. I reccommend a cabin retreat if you have not done it before.

We are looking for champaign for the Midnight ball drop and I must go now. Happy holiday's!


  1. That is so cool. It is good to see Alan is finally getting his act together, with a few spontaneous surprise holidays for you!

    For the big night, I will be stocking up some Scottish imports, and some Young's Double Chocolate Luxury Stout (which is English, but very decent). I will be on guitar for the Hogmanay party, and have been brushing up on a version of Norlan' Wind (but of course, will close with Auld Lang Syne). Happy New Year (and thanks for catching us up)!

  2. Go for it, Ellen. Did Alan get you a spekllchek for Christmas? Maybe he should have. Anyway, we're glad your still BLAWGGING! Happy new year and if you decide to dump allen, let me know and I will substitute for him!

  3. Is this the famous Barshevsky I am hearing so much about? Your name is all over the web.

  4. Hello, I am new to BLAWGGING. Can you provide us with your view on commenting on your own BLAWG?