Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peeps Contest LOSS

I did NOT win but will try AGAIN next year. The "winner" had pink peeps with BREASTS if you did not notice. And I am NOT sure what the yellow MAN PEEP is holding between his legs, but it looks like he is THOUROHLY enjoying the marshmellow "peeps." This is more proof that this is a man's world.


Here is MY original writting:

I want to thank FIRST my boyfreind ALAN for the photography work. He is a GENIOUS! This was truly a joint effort. I also want to thank the WOMEN at abajournal for trying to break the "GRASS Ceiling." I thank YOU all -- even Molly McDoughnut. I continue to write on MY blawg about man-dominated firms and the links we must go. My manageing partner does not understand and said I should be FORTUNATE that our firm's not passing out pink slips. I asked why they are not called BLUE slips but he just rolled his eyes.


  1. It was a tough contest. Mine also did not make the top three. But, the creators of the winning diorama must have spent a lot of time (like days) making the miniature laptops, law books and soda cans. I really liked the Lizard People too, and in that one, the artists sewed little suits for the Coleman and Franken Peeps. Clearly, some of these peeple have done this before.

  2. PS - I heard John Ashcroft wanted them to put a sheet over the pink Peep with breasts, but they told him to Peep Off.

  3. This website is not what it used to be. I think you should be let back on the website so we can get entertained there.

  4. B-Mac: (originally posted in reply to your comment on the ABA Journal story)

    It's very likely that those are items meant for display in elaborate dollhouses. Next time you're in a hobby-type store (Hobby Lobby and Michael's in my area), check the dollhouse aisle(s). They have anything you can imagine in 1/16 scale.

    Also, the fact that I'm aware if the above information is so embarrassing, I almost posted this under a different pseudonym. (Double anonymity!)

  5. Where is ellen?