Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More man's names firms

My BOYFIREND and me are working on a PROJECT. I have NOT had time to blawg lately.

I have also noticed MORE firms going down with mans' names. Clearly theres a pattern here:

Paul Hastings, Reed Smith, Allen Matkins, Wolf Block, Edward Angell & Palmer Dodge, Clifford Chance, TroutMAN Sanders, and Weil Gotshal. I think Weil is 'Wes' in yiddish.

And the there is Manatt... Never heard of a Womanatt. Maybe that's because it is NOT firing.

Other blawggers will probably steal my original writing. As far as I can tell I am the ONLY Blawgger reportng this right now.


  1. I think Al and Debra Veoli are working on that same project. Please say "Hi" to them for us.

    Mostly, your reporting is well taken, except for Wolf Block, which technically is named after an animal (there are female wolves too). Like the old Gypsy said, "Even a firm that is pure of heart and speaks its prayers by night may become a wolf when Wolf Block's doomed, if the partners aren't too bright."

  2. Who are the Veoli's? We want ELLEN back! If only the GNOMES at the ABA would let her back!

  3. Wolf Block sounds pretty manly to me. I think Ellen is on to something!

    I assume there are plenty of female wolves out there but it's pretty hard to tell their gender when they're running around in the wild. Then there's Wolf Blitzer, with the thick grey beard and the deep voice and the masculine suits. (Yeah, I know, just like Rachel Maddow, but with a beard.) Since he's the only Wolf I can tell the gender of, it's a male name to me.

    Ellen has uncovered something major, so THAT must be WHY the ABA has banned her!

    (I miss her capitalization of words FOR emphasis, so I've taken up the habit MYSELF!)