Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ABA Peep Contest

Alan and me have been working on a PROJECT for abajournal. And they posted it today! It is on the abajournal Easter Peep contest.

It is here:

Here is the PICTURE on the abajournal contest. I also explained this "GRASS Ceiling" on the abajornal site.


  1. I saw it. It was really good. And yes, they did post it!

    I sent Molly a Thank You note for letting us see it.

  2. Ellen, come back to the website. We all miss you.

  3. I think it is a deeply symbolic diorama. The pink bunny Peep, representing Ellen, is shown in a cold, isolated and reflective setting, as several blue bunny Peeps, representing fans from the distant, ABA website, look on.

  4. Please consider covering on your website the ongoing news story that one site has titled:

    “Lawyer Threatens Stupid Lawsuit Over Stupid Rule
    Interpretation for Stupid Entry in Stupid Contest.”